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In The COVID Era Can Clowns be Remotely Funny?
Twelve approaches to creating Physical Comedy on Zoom and YouTube
Self-published online open source, 2020
To download the 30-page PDF, click HERE.

The world of the clown is often a place of bewilderment—being baffled by forces in the world that seem intent upon making them stumble and fail.


The saving grace of clowns is that they can meet their challenges with open hearts and open imaginations equipped with the capacity to redefine the world they encounter on their own unconventional terms. And in the act of reconfiguring their relationships with hardship into genuine curiosity, discovery, and delightfully unexpected solutions, they invite audiences to embrace this attitude, too. In these fraught times, when serious barriers and obstacles are rising up to challenge us at every turn, the inventive perspectives of clowns and physical comedians are more important than ever.

In this free guidebook I present twelve suggestions for staging physical comedy or clown routines that rely on the unique properties of a live or pre-recorded performance on Zoom, YouTube or other online platforms.


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