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I am a professional storyteller for adults and children

Some of the stories in my repertoire include:

Stone Soup. This is my own adaptation of the traditional story. A woman traveller finds herself in a village of people who keep to themselves and, with some assistance from an imaginative seven-year old girl, she helps the villagers to re-awaken their sense of community using a single stone.

Listen to Stone Soup here


The Trees, That Sea, The Sky. A collection of poems and prose writings about life affirming and mystical experiences in nature, written by Mary Oliver, Rainer Maria Rilke, Rumi, Emily Carr, Billy Collins, and others. The presentation starts with some insights into the nature of mystical experiences from the great American philosopher William James.

The Egg, by Andy Weir.  Moments after his death, a man meets God and is surprised by what he learns.


Tales from Carl Sandburg’s Rootabaga Stories. Whimsical and lyrical children’s stories from an American master.

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